This coast is widely known for the legend of a white rabbit from Inaba. On the western end of the beach are found cliffs and Okino-shima Island, which was separated from the mainland by a fault. The island is surrounded by a wave-cut bench and the stepping-stone pattern looks like the backside of a crocodile.

Legend of the White Rabbit from Inaba

When Yasogami-tachi (Gods) of Izumo set out to propose to Princess Yagami of Inaba, they came across a bare naked rabbit lying on Keta-no-Hama Beach. They told the rabbit that they could be healed by “wetting himself in the sea, climbing to the top of a mountain and sleeping where the wind would hit him.” Doing so, the rabbit’s skin was dried by the sea water and subsequently cracked by the wind. While the rabbit lay crying in pain, Okuninushi-no-kami showed up carrying Yasogami-tachi’s bags. He told the rabbit that he could be healed by “washing his body in freshwater and sleeping on cattail pollen.” Doing so, the rabbit recovered. The rabbit then predicted that the Princess Yagami would choose Okuninushi-no-kami over Yasogami-tachi. Later, Okuninushi-no-kami and the Princess Yagami were wed.

Views of the Hakuto CoastWondrous views of the Hakuto Coast