History of Weeding

Non-indigenous weeds began spreading over the sand dunes in the 1970s, inhibiting the movement of sand. The groundcover prevented the formation of sand ripples and curtains, and was destroying the inherent beauty of the landscape. This progressive conversion to grasslands became a serious issue.

Conservation groups began weeding and spraying herbicides around 1985. Then, in 1994, Tottori Prefecture, Tottori City and then Fukube Village launched publicly funded weeding projects.

Volunteer Weeding


In 2004, the Tottori Sand Dunes Landscape Preservation Council began working with local volunteers to restore the original beauty of the sand dunes by weeding. From July 8 to September 11, 2009 (total 23 days), some 3,708 persons took part in efforts on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and cleared 43.7 ha of weeds.

Cleanup Activities


The Tottori Sand Dunes Cleanup Committee has been organizing cleanup activities with the support of residents and businesses every autumn and winter since 1980. In the 59th such activity on September 27, 2009, some 3,200 persons collected 1.4 tons of garbage from the dunes.