General Information
    Tottori City Mayor / Deputy Mayor
    Symbols (City Crest / City Tree/City Flower / City Bird)
    Tottori City Hall
    Tottori City History
    Location and Area
    Population and Households
  Access (By Train / By Air / By Bus / By Car)
Living in Tottori
  Main Formalities (Alien Registration / Status of Residence / Marriage, Divorce, Death /
Personal Seal/Taxes)

     Living <Public Services(Electricity / Gas / Water / Sewage / Garbage)>
          <Transportation(Bicycle / Bus / Taxi / Railway)>
  Childrearing (Pregnancy, Childbirth / Childrearing Support)
  Education (Nursery Schools, Kindergartens / Elementary Schools, Junior High Schools / Education Counseling / Financial Aid to School Expenses / Libraries)
  Medical Treatment (Hospitals / Medical Insurance / Long-term Care Insurance)
  Daily Life Guidance
Exchange Activities
  Sister Cities in Japan (Kushiro City / Himeji City / Iwakuni City / Koriyama City)
  Sister Cities and Friendship Cities Overseas (Cheongju City / Hanau City / Taicang City / Ordos City)
  International Exchange Plaza
Sightseeing Spots
What's New
  Information on the new influenza A (H1N1) flu virus
  Tottori City News Digest
  Japanese Language Classes